How To Meet Your Future Spouse On-Line

Yes, you CAN meet the love of your life, even your wife (or hubby) online. I met my husband on plenty of fish. I had tried unsuccessfully two other times, but I learned from my errors and got closer to knowing. My advice is #1 to post the most recent photo, less than a week old, taken outdoors, in sunlight, never wear sunglasses or caps. Take at least 8 photos, realistic, if you wear glasses make some with BUT also make some without. Make some in your party outfit, work clothes, etc, show the fullness of your life 

#2 Write a very detailed PRECISE bio of who you are, get it proofread and ask your closest friends if it is a full, accurate and precise description of your true personality. 

#3 Describe how you live right now, describe your deal-breakers and deal-makers. DO NOT talk about clich├ęs like enjoying movies, sunsets or chocolates. The more you focus on your specific, unique strengths without exaggerating them, you will succeed. (For example I specified in my ad I am a writer seeking no children, cats were crucial, I want to study writing and religion, I can't stand tobacco, not a morning person, church is vital and I want to travel and do charity work. I am crazy about classical music. In 2 hours I found my husband. Yes. Because I honed in on exactly what I wanted. We talked on the phone that night, we met the following day. We were engaged in 5 months and are now happily married 3 years and going strong.) 

#4 To the ladies: Ignore all replies that are only one word, like hi, ignore most replies (bite the bullet, there are lots of perverts out there, just expect them but dodge them and block), screen for complete sentences that are friendly, respectful and lively, either having humour or respectful playfulness. If the guy interests you after chatting for a week or two, MEET in a public place at least 2-5 times only. Do NOT chat online endlessly, it's a complete waste of time. Your goal is a DATE, not an online pal. Do NOT say, Let's be friends, because friends don't date, and you DO want more than friendship in the near future if things work out, right? So seek courtship, not platonic friendship. Friendship is 99% of marriage, but you want some romance too, right? If you are up for it, conduct your own Advanced Search on pof, where you set the parameters for if you only want to meet marriage-minded men, etc.

 #5 To the gentlemen: Take more pics, we are visual, too. Ditch the sunglasses and caps. Describe more about yourself and...I can't emphasize this enough...if you NEVER, EVER want to get married then under Relationship Goal on pof put Long-term. If you NEVER want to do anything other than date select Dating. Please, do not make the mistake of putting Dating because you are not interested in marriage in the next 6 months. If you want to get married should the right gal come along, you will not find a wife listing long-term or dating. Trust me on this. Best Success.

People Are Worth Forgiving

People tell me often, "Oh I could never forgive this person or group of people for..."
But I find as I ask more probing questions, it seems these same people do not feel it is right to forgive.  People in the most pain seldom realize that forgiveness would relieve their agony. But still these people reserve forgiveness for many years down the road, often waiting until they "get it together" or until they have a spiritual awakening. To me, I find that forgiveness leads to spiritual awakening.

 But forgiveness in this very moment is much more powerful than magically waiting for "those people" to be worthy of forgiveness. Perhaps it is we who need to forgive, who need to decide that we are worthy to forgive them for wronging us. 

So I write this post from a different perspective. This is not a simple play on words. If the person  who was wronged immediately thought the perpetrators were worthy of forgiveness from day one,  no one would need help in forgiving. Forgiving is an entirely ironic thing. I am telling you that no one need be worthy of forgiveness, yet I am telling you with this post's title that people are worthy of forgiving. The wrong-doer needs the forgiveness like soil needs rain so that new growth can better take place. The wrong-doer can most evolve when accepting the forgiveness as confirmation of his/her humanity and potential for change. Think of forgiveness like a ritual that transforms both the giver and the receiver. For this reason forgiveness is sacred and not to be taken lightly. When we forgive, we set ourselves free and we set the other person free. People are worthy of this, right?

Forgiveness is a prelude to mercy. Mercy means giving people another chance. We would not need to forgive if there were no misdeeds. Of course you've been wronged. Why else would you be at a crossroads feeling compelled to forgive, yet torn in two thinking "they" are not deserving of forgiveness?  A person who has been wronged is angry, and an angry person does not feel like forgiving. But I invite you to see forgiveness differently. I invite you to see it like washing the dishes. And I mean it in the sense of washing your mind clean of all the bitterness, resentment and frustration.

Of course they did something wrong. Otherwise there would be no need to forgive.

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Stop! What are you doing with the microwave?

Floyd! Do NOT put that vintage style glass bowl in the microwave!  Stop. No..." I implored my step-father.

Unfortunately for me, the men do all the cooking in our family. And Floyd is a stodgy, stalwart truck driver from the wild forests of New Brunswick, Canada so I have to endure these rough baking selections.

Banana bread. And more banana bread. And only banana bread because that is the only thing Floyd bakes. Is it the only thing he knows how? Is it because he lives off of bananas? Is it because it's easy to make, and Floyd is a very hard-working man? I don't bake myself, fearing I'll eat everything in sight. Floyd's banana bread is an OK snack with milk. I particularly like the end crusts, which no one else touches. So I have a duty to finish off the crusts.

 I brought over a sample to my chef friend who studied and worked in France. "This is terrible," my friend said. "Don't ever offer me this again."
 Floyd is super vigilant about saving money on electricity so now he cooks almost everything in the microwave. I tried warning him:"That bowl is made before microwaves existed. Clearly it is not microwave-friendly. You may crack the bowl, even shatter it into shards. You may break your microwave over this." But burly Floyd, who is a cross between Kenny Rogers and Chuck Norris, is implacable. He won't budge. This is what happens when we let men cook. Very macho. No compromises. No cooperation. No additions. Oh well, at least we women just serve and do dishes.
*                                                                                    *                                                                 *

I go off on an absent-minded journey out the back door to the garden eating store-made brownies, the kind with too many multicolored sprinkles in a wrapper that could outlast an apartment lease, fortified with artificial this-n-that, so let's be grateful we have a man who cooks. And bakes. I go out admiring the gardens, playing with the excitable Pomeranian dog.

Time flew by. I had completely forgotten the crazy cooking mishap. I amble into the kitchen for a glass of ginger ale and there is Floydy-Doydy, wrinkling his forehead and shaking his head, looking sad and grinning happy at the same time. He stands arms across his chest out of defiance or self-comfort as his eyes gesture to me to look on the counter. On top of the too-large thick wooden cutting board is the famous blue bowl. He looks smug and mischievious. "Gotta let it cool first before we can slice it." he grunts in a cheerful way. I sense he is expecting me to slice it as slicing is closely related to serving so he is clearly off the hook. He's completed his task. He is now exiting the kitchen.

I go over to the bowl, speechless. I try gingerly touching the sides of the glass bowl. Boiling hot. Steam is rising fast and furious from the bread. I try touching the bread with a butter knife to stay safe. The bread is as hard as a rock. Floyd's creation looks like a friendly brown meteorite, faintly smelling of bananas.

For more tales of Floyd, stay tuned ....and don't put anything in the microwave I wouldn't put.

Ooops! Sorry. I forgot to tell you a key part of this story. Floyd not only used the worst cooking dish possible, he had put it in for a grand total of 45 minutes. "Look here, this here recipe says 45 minutes, so I'mma gonna cook it for 45 minutes." Stove yes, microwave a big fat NO! Microwaves cook like 10 times faster.  And to think that in his day to day job he does construction. Egad. The cake resembled a concrete sidewalk. We ended up throwing out the bowl with the uncuttable, unremovable cake. Oh Floyd.

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Blame Gets Disguised As Resentment

OK, OK, so some well-meaning people kept telling me over the years to make a list of any person, place or thing, institution or idea that I resent. Then they asked me to analyze what part I played to keep the resentment growing. This was suggested as a spiritual exercise over twenty years ago. I kept struggling with it because I couldn't see the usefulness of writing down a whole catalog of all my dislikes. But when I asked myself, "How many people do I BLAME and WHY do I blame them?" then I knew which people to really focus on forgiving or setting boundaries with. Working with the word <resentment> was too vague for me. Resentments could take hold over any slight annoyance. When I substituted the word BLAME, then I saw how the activity of blaming this or that person was keeping me stuck.

 Blame is such an obvious problem, and a more immediate forest fire to put out in one's mind. Try this simple suggestion for yourself. Why else are you making an inventory of yourself? It's to transcend your limitations, isn't it? You are not writing a whole personalized telephone book of every single person, place, thing and situation that irked you? You could waste a lot of time. What few key persons could you write the names of to fill up a tiny match book cover? That's who you blame. Work on setting yourself free starting right now. You see, they're the biggies who are really weighing you down. And when you set yourself free, lots of pressure will be lifted off you.

Last night as I was walking home to get back in shape and economize on bus fare, I came across a man trying to park a trailer hitched to the back of his vehicle. Rather, let me say I heard the crash before I saw the vehicle. There was no one else around. Being as I am a D.O.E., or Daughter of an Engineer, I called out to the man, "Need some help?"

Image result for images of a young woman in pigtails
(Not me, but close enough, ha ha)
 He seemed puzzled that a youngish looking lady with pigtails and feminine wide brimmed straw hat replete with polka dot bow and wearing a frilly turquoise summer top in diamond navy blue leggings would be mechanically inclined. As a young girl I often had to help my father back up trailers and vehicles and I am a math student. Always looking for something to measure or calculate...ha ha. I enjoy putting my math skills to good use. I also have truckers in my family so I know just how difficult it is to navigate some turns and park that 18 wheeled monster.

He still was peering out at me but he looked relatively harmless so I said cheerfully, "Sorry, but I heard the crash. Don't mean to embarrass you, sir, but would a second pair of eyes help?" His face lit up, so I walked over but his words still showed surprise and embarrassment that a woman would be helpful in his jam. We did succeed quite quickly in parking his trailer. And as he got out to unhitch his trailer he told me that the part that came next really injured his back a month ago. He explained that he would have to swing the whole trailer over to a post to chain it.

 Maybe he would think I was odd, well, maybe he already thought I was odd, so I took a risk and said, "I am an energy healer. I work with energy. So why don't we use a combination of martial arts and Reiki to leverage yourself so you can swing the trailer with ease? Remember how a mother can suddenly summon unheard of strength to lift a car off her child? You can summon this strength in you, using your stores of adrenaline, then plant your feet firmly in the ground, use your thigh and leg muscles, then lift."

And he amazingly lifted up the trailer with more ease and less pain. I helped move the stand so he could just focus on the weight. In a matter of less than 30 seconds we had moved over the trailer by several feet so it could be securely locked. He thanked me and I went on my way.

At first on my walk back home I thought of how sometimes all a person needs is a presence, a few words of support and encouragement. As a spiritual guide I felt honored to help in any small way. While walking I realized a deeper message. Perhaps the universe was trying to show me that I needed to let go of a lot of heavy baggage. I have been having ongoing back pains that I couldn't seem to resolve. I thought to myself, "What am I carrying around, physically and psychologically that I need to get clear of? What ideas do I need to "park" somewhere and LEAVE BEHIND for good?

 Then I realized that I still resented my superintendent for smoking in the apartment building. I was having a hard time getting the anti-smoking bylaw enforced. I am on a spiritual path. I can't afford to hate anyone. But that crazy trailer incident made me see that subconsciously I was carrying way too much load about a lot of other people's problems.  I could stop blaming the superintendent's carelessness or stubbornness for my suffering.

 My tekkie husband suggested I start a blog to share my insights. Now I have two blogs which are immensely therapeutic and cleansing. Even my writing style is changing, becoming lighter and freer! I owe him so much for helping me put my writing skills online and up to date.

Here I was, very well known in my city of over a million people environs, as an expert in how to do stepwork, and poised to write a book about letting go of resentments and how to forgive, yet as soon as I would clear some resentments off my list, new ones would come. A lot fewer, but still. What helped push me to finally let go of all this accumulated mental junk was visualizing myself leaving to India. Am I really gonna bring all this baggage?

You know how they say, if your home was on fire, what would you flee with? I saw with that man's oversized trailer how I was accidentally smashing into people, or allowing their wrong choices to smash into me. And now I could create some clearance. I could give them a wide berth (distance, not birth). I could mentally create space by detaching, by telling myself over and over again, mantra style, Live and Let Live.

You Are So Beautiful, Here's Why

Did anyone tell you that you were loved today? Recently? This year? Great. I'm glad to hear it. Now did anyone tell you that you are beautiful\handsome? You owe it to yourself to seek out people who appreciate you at your best. Beauty is art, whether it's your attractive way of putting words together in writing or speaking, or your pleasing way of dressing, serving food, how you maximize certain facial features or accentuate your hair. Beauty can be likened to a skill, and the good news is that anyone can capitalize on this.

Oh No, My Husband and Cat Are Fighting Over The Chair AGAIN

"GREEZOO!"  My husband says with mounting exasperation. "What are you doing cat? Why are you in my chair? Oh, I know. He's trying to dominate me. He wants to show he's the boss." 

I quietly added a third chair to the dining table. But Mr. Greezooks simply keeps divebombing for whichever chair my hubby sits in. If he sits in the white wooden chair, Greezooks makes a beeline for that one. If my man favours the unpainted wood chair, the cat beats him to that one. I am a reluctant bystander of these chair wars.

No matter how much I pet and cajole the cat, he seems to frown and try to pre-empt husband from sitting down. Yet anytime my husband gets up to leave the kitchen cat follows him right away like a happy loyal puppy. Then cat accelerates at top speed, and pounce! Cat jumps right into hubby's office chair.

"Ugh! He's following me!"
"Hun, Greezoo LOVES you.." I drawl in a syrupy save-my-marriage voice.
"But I don't feel the love. I feel attacked. I know why. The cat is a boy cat. He feels annoyed that there is a new man in your life. "
"Oh, Hun, just give it time. Mr. Greezoo will adjust."
"And furthermore, what is Greezoo doing on the table again? We are about to eat! Scat cat!"
"But I haven't served the food yet. And it's not like the cat helps himself to my food, ugh, our food, I should now say. Unless we pour cow milk for cereal. But you use almond milk and I use soy. Trust me, if he doesn't smell cow milk, he's not interested...
"Ah, let him have some cow milk in his little dishes on the ground."
"NO! Greezoo will get diarhea..."

"Nikki, I'm at the store now, and I was just wondering, which cat food do you want me to pick up? They have an indoor type...I couldn't help thinking we don't take Greezoo out for enough walks and he's looking kinda fat..."
"Are you calling my cat fat? Finally, I've been trying to tell you for months, Please quit giving him snacks...The vet says it's urgent that he lose 2 pounds."
"Ha ha, I can't stop laughing. You are making such a big deal over 2 pounds!?!"
"Hun, for a cat 2 pounds is human 25 pounds. He's a Maine Coon. It's gonna affect his joints and increase his chances of arthritits later on. He's almost 7. He's middle-aged now. We have to be careful. He can barely climb trees now."
"Yeah...I was gonna tell you Nikki, Greezoo can barely climb the tree. And remember that time Greezoo tried to jump up from the bathtub onto the bathroom window ledge and he slipped and fell into the hot bubblebath and got furious? Oh boy!!! We don't want that to happen again. No more snacks for Mr. Cat!"

Then we sit down to play cards for the first time ever. We are going heavy at it with Go Fish! with two decks of cards, my collector's edition of Queen the rock band cards and a completely pink deck of cards. I am winning until I sense that playing with 2 decks is tiring for hubby. We have way too many cards in our hands and neither of us can amass 8 of anything. I am just about to call it quits to preserve my marriage when out of nowhere Mr. Luxurious Greezoo of overample proportions scurries up onto the table next to the fridge, then pounces up to the newly-cleaned off and bare fridge top...Scrunch-plup-konk-crash, as soon as his claws graze the fridge top his still-lagging behind body falls perilously into my husband's special black ceramic President's Choice mug. Next our new ceramic castle statue hurtles to the ground, my teacup spills all over both rare decks of cards, and there's shards everywhere. Thankfully the castle is almost completely intact!
It must be made from some type of mutating ceramic + plastic deal.

I stay completely calm. Rather I am numb. How has my cat gotten so quickly out of shape?
And just what shall I do to keep both my marriage and cat in shape? Stay tuned.

Note: My husband is actually a cat lover and happy cat Daddy. And we are very happy together.      
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I, The Daughter Of An Engineer

Are you also the daughter of an engineer? We should form an online club. I could devote an entire blog called "All The Engineers In My Life." It would be a geeky soap opera. Then of course Dad lives for opera, and was a geeky engineer. Before retirement. But back to me. What is life like being the Daughter of an Engineer?

You will never look at a building the same way again. Or a car. Or a bar of soap. Let me tell you why...

OK, So Just What Do You Think About Pink?

A Rose By Any Other Name,  Or Colour
Does it make you smile or "blush"? Are you a lover of pink, or do you think that is just for young girls? Do you have that young daughter who demands everything from her wallpaper to bedspread to toys be a too-sweet shade of pink? And then you dread a couple years later having to hawk all her stuff at ridonkulously low prices on your front lawn and still no one buys it? Oh, I miss a stuffed pink toy poodle I had as a child.

I Lost My Wedding Ring Stone And Incredibly It Was Found

True story I kid you not. I am a strong woman and there I was axing down mum's buckthorn tree by request and took a break after swinging a heavy ax. Looked down. My brand new wedding ring had popped its stone. Who knew where. Anywhere in a giant tangle of brush and stones.

My mum called me two days later, "Honey, I have good news." I thought she was calling me to announce she had quit smoking. "Floyd found your stone!" Now as happy as I was my sapphire was found, I would rather have heard she quit smoking.

People Are More Important Than Diamonds

I calmly looked with my mum's help for about five minutes, saw nothing, then decided to call the jeweler's before they closed. Because I had purchased lifetime insurance for my ring, I was doing fine. They informed to simply bring in the ring. No cost to fix. I pretty much knew they would be helpful. I learned a valuable lesson. It is just a ring, I kept telling myself. Years ago I would have been frantic and angry.

You see, a good friend of mine told me as I was getting in her car and cautious not to make a mess
 " Oh, don't worry about it.  The car's just a thing. We need to learn to love people and use things, rather than use people and love things." The husband I married is far more valuable to me than the ring.

That's pretty much the philosophy here at The Truth and Health. Hope you enjoy. Keep coming back.

If You Wanna Sleep...Go Bananas!

Good morning and may you savour delectable ripe yellow bananas for your breakie. You never have more than one a day? O.K. There are few foods I cherish more than the mighty banana. True story. I went to a job interview. Short and sweet. She asked what was my favourite fruit. Right away I said, "Banana!" She smiled and asked why. I said because bananas are cheerful because of their bright yellow colour, and they are easy to open, and a great source of energy. She hired me.

You know that famous question we asked each other as kids. If you could be an animal, what animal would you be? I'd be a snake. I'll blog why later. Stay tuned. I wanna ask you as I ask myself. If you could be a fruit, which fruit would you be? I'd proudly be a banana! Because no other fruit so resembles my power animal, the snake! I just love how a banana is shaped in a u. U! You! The other. The one we all need to relate to, to bounce ideas off, to form a marriage, a family, a team, an organization. The banana is such a powerful delicious symbol. We need the yellow warmth of the sun. We love yellow flowers. We are crazy about yellow smiley faces, yellow highlighters make us retain the studying better than any colour. Yellow is nowhere so amazingly apparent in nature than bananas except lemons. But lemon is an acquired taste. And way more maintenance. Knives, sweeteners, water, glasses, lemon juicers, cutting boards, then washing up. No, bananas rock. Hands down.

Dr. Oz extolled the mighty banana as a sleep aid without peer. Only use as needed.

1. Take the sticker off
2. Rinse the skin, cuz you'll be eating it, too. Yes. No complaining. 
3. Submerge whole banana in 2-4 cups of water in a pot, or cut in half if you use a small pot.
4. Boil
5. Let it steep at least 5 minutes
6. Drink all the tea. 
7. Eat all the banana, plus the skin.
8. Be prepared to be amazed you never did this before it tastes so good.

Go bananas and have a sunshiny day thinking how much better you will sleep tonight

Stay Connected


Thanks to all of YOU from all over the world for expressing interest in my unique written ideas. Together we are empowering ourselves to see common problems from a different angle and comment and share like-minded ideas. I dedicate this post with gratitude to each one of you. You are each special and your presence in my humble simple blog is greatly appreciated.

Your views motivate me to keep writing and your interest keeps inspiring me to sustain your curiosity. Now more than ever I seek to deliver to you high-quality, powerful, life-changing ideas. Helping you and your loved ones get healthier is my first objective. This is how I may serve the world. Dear readers, I aspire to help co-create a healthier, more peaceful world.  Thank you for making my off-the-wall humour, satire and tongue-in-cheek witticisms part of your wellness journey. 
Once there was a holy man preaching to a crowd. Suddenly a heckler from the complained that the holy man was just talking feel-good mush. Abruptly the holy man yelled out at him, "Shut up you mangy son of a dog!" Enraged the heckler flew at the holy man with his fist extended. It was then the holy man smiled and said, 
"Why do you doubt the healing, soothing power of loving words when you see the power of nasty words to incite pain?"  

Source unknown

Take A DEEP Breath

Take a deep breath, ahhhhhhhhh
Now take another deep breath, ahhhhhhhhh
How many deep breaths do you consciously take each day? Each hour? Many of us meditate. What if the main reason of all these meditation disciplines was to get us to breathe more deeply on a regular basis?

The single greatest thing you can do for your health is as simple as breathing. So we start by becoming conscious of our inhalations and exhalations.
 Now I challenge you to this: Consciously tell yourself and your people:"I'm going to step out for some oxygen." And really go full tilt. Try alternate nostril breathing from yoga. Using your hand cover the right side of the nose while deeply inhaling on the other side. Pause for one second. Then remove your hand, finger and let the exhalation come out the left side. Pause for one second. Then breathe in the right side of the nose, while covering the left side, then exhale the lest nostril. Repeat for 3-5 minutes. This is a very calming, soothing breath for the mind. It balances the left and right brain hemispheres.

See what you've been missing? This is what you need.

Goodbye All Clutter

Hello everybody. How is your day going so far? If you are like me, you get busy with life, then, wham, bam, you turn around and #clutter creeps up on you.

 Definition: A collection of things lying about in an untidy mes

And Germany wins Fifa World Cup with just one goal!

PHOTO: Mario Goetze of Germany celebrates scoring his teams first goal in extra time during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Final match between Germany and Argentina at Maracana, July 13, 2014, in Rio de Janeiro.  I watched my first large screen FIFA game at East Side Mario's restaurant. I was rooting for Germany as I am of Eastern European Heritage. How amazing to see such tight defense. More difficult to get through than the ball hockey I used to play defense for. What a simple game this "football" seems. Just kick the ball into the net. But, oh, the obstacles to overcome. More tackling going on than a Canadian football game. Yet the European "football" has no body protection. I can't see myself participating in such a rough sport.

Finding Your Perfect Date

Oh, Man, do I ever agree!
Hello my health-seeking friends. Truly, dating is not hard nor unpleasant. If it becomes  unpleasant, stop. Say, "Thanks for your time, but, sorry, this isn't for me. Bye" Always tell the truth, briefly, with love. If dating always gets unpleasant, then the issue may be with us more than the prospective date. Let me help you.

Overcoming Dating Fears: Why Are You Ladies Single?

Yes, Dating is Possible at ANY age!:)
Calling all you involuntary single ladies. Did you ever wonder where all the good men are? I read that 95% of all women are seeking only the top 5% of men. For example, many women draw up a list of narrow criteria. These same women won't even say hello unless an ideal man meets all of them.

Criteria are inanimate things. Height can't love you. Only a person can. So when I sought out a husband recently I concentrated on what qualities I wanted in a man rather than focusing on arbitrary limits. I decided that the main criteria for me was a loving man. For me, no matter how much wealth, possessions, knowledge or power a man has, if he does not know how to love himself and love others, then he is not a suitable choice for me.

Where are the loving men?

Be A Community Builder!

Adorable lovely lookalikes..Get with us, become a cool love cat
Hello y'all! I met two incredibly cute Rex cats today. I'm a huge cat lover. I was surprised to hear the owner tell me he must hire a babysitter if he goes away for the weekend. Hairless cats require human interaction, and out came his not-shy cat out into the hallway, following me and checking out my canvassing colleague.

I am a community builder. I am a highly social person. I value teamwork and sharing ideas. I believe "Birds of a feather flock together". We stand to gain so much by coming together. Just look at the photo of these intriguing creatures. They bring to mind Bert and Ernie on Sesame Street.

I knew I met the man for me when I shared with him my vision of eliminating tobacco whilst simultaneously bringing about toilets for everyone. 1 out of 3 people worldwide has no access to a  toilet. Wha???????  Toilets and tobacco...not very sexy topics. But they turned him on. Yay! I knew he was my kind of man because he cares so deeply about community building and social justice.

You, Yes, You, Can Phone Your City Councillor and Make Tobacco History

Hello everybody and Happy summer !
 I don't know what your summer plans are, but mine include embarking on a four month campaign blitz to help my favorite local City Councillor Mr. Mathieu Fleury get re-elected for Ward 12, Rideau-Vanier. Mathieu made history when he was the youngest City Councillor ever elected in Ottawa. He has know-how from his Master's in Kinesiology concentrating in Sports Management.

You have only to google Mathieu's landmark
52 sports in 52 weeks" short video clips introducing us to such novelties as sledge hockey and pickle ball and roller derby to learn just how committed and engaged he is.

Getting Rid Of Tobacco: Let's Start By Getting Rid Of The Letter c

Hi everybody. Did you all have a happy Canada Day? Oops, I almost said "youz" instead of you. No kidding. I grew up in Ottawa Valley, where some people literally say youz. I don't know why. Maybe they think it sounds like saying you for more than one person. Like the vous instead of tu in French, my mother's language. I say we don't need any extraneous letters. 
Now being a writer, I think a lot about words. I have spent over a thousand dollars on dictionaries, thesauruses  in various languages and grammar handbooks back in the day when books were all the rage. All this writing makes me wonder: Do we really need the letter c?